Old About

Cozys Blankets originated in August of 2015 and are inspired by life, love and family tradition!  

Owner Mattisyn Brown created Cozys Blankets to help fund her and her husband’s journey to become parents. After years of infertility, Mattisyn and Wyley found out they would need to go through the process of IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) to start their family.  

To help fund their IVF process, Mattisyn decided to start sewing jersey knit blankets - a family tradition that was dear to her heart. For years, Mattisyn’s mother-in-law, Mysti, has gifted soft, comfortable jersey knit blankets to her family. A favorite of each member of the family, these blankets have seen a lot of life and love! Mattisyn immediately knew these well-loved blankets were the perfect way to begin funding their dream to have a family and so Cozys Blankets was born!  

In 2016 Mattisyn and Wyley welcomed Austyn to their family, and their youngest, Brewer in 2021. Each and every purchase of Cozys Blankets contributed to their journey to become parents and will continue to assist with future additions to their family. Cozys Blankets were created to help begin a life and we feel so honored to be a part of all the special moments in your life.

 We hope you feel the warmth, comfort and love that are sewn into each and every handmade Cozy!